Who’s with me?

So I said I don’t do real well with resolutions. However, with my new mantra, “Proactive & Disciplined” I am making a resolution.

One year BibleI am going to read the Bible in 2007. The whole thing. Not just the New Testament or the parts I really like. I’m gonna read the whole enchilada. The whole kitten caboodle. Joe Carr and I are partnering up to read the One Year Bible. I’ve always been kinda anti-one year bible reading but what I’ve found is that when I read I always read the same stuff. This year I want to digest books like Leviticus and Numbers. You know the exciting ones.

So who’s with me? I challenge all you blog folks who have the balls to join me to step forward. You can order a copy from Amazon like I did or you can click here each day and read online.

Who’s with me?



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5 responses to “Who’s with me?

  1. Joe

    Ok dude! You’ve come out of the closet. Let’s charge the hill and take the prize! Anyone else out there got the cahones to try it?

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  3. I’m in. I’ve had a One year Bible for 3 yrs. sad…I know…..

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