Weekend Re-Cap (hijacked)

So Pastor Jeff took off out of town today for a couple of days to get alone, unplug, and spend some time with God.  So I decided to hijack his blog and do the weekend re-cap.  Knowing him for so long has it’s advantages.  Like knowing all of his passwords!  Anyways, here’s the run down of today.

– Second week of Crazy Love and we’re hearing tons of cool stories about people sharing Crazy Love through the stimulus package they received last Sunday!

– If you haven’t shared your story about how you showed someone Crazy Love, email us!

– Drew was out today because his wife Sarah had their baby this past week.  Here’s little Aubrey with her proud parents.  Stop by Drew’s blog to congratulate them!


– Patrick stepped up and did an awesome job leading worship today!  The band rocked!

– The band even pulled a Saturday practice to make some changes while Drew was away!  I love those guys!

– We had 845 people show up which is our highest “normal” weekend attendance ever!

– We had 20 people accept Jesus today!  Yes, that’s 40 in the last two weeks!

– I overheard tons of good feedback in the lobby today about the message.  Pastor Jeff straight brought it today on the love of God!  Check it out here early this week.

– We were down a couple big time people today but everyone stepped up!  The Dream Team always goes above and beyond!

– I’m partial but our production team never ceases to amaze me!  🙂

– Looking forward to have D back home tomorrow! He spent the week in Georgia getting some much needed Rest and Relaxation!

– We announced our next event for Middle and High school students today.  It’ll be our first event at our new campus!


I’m wiped and that’s about all I can remember from today.  But don’t worry, I now know Pastor Jeff’s log in information!  I may be back!

Brad Barbour – Creative Director


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Questions to ask before getting married

Jake Beaty is the Care and Outreach Pastor of Newspring Church.  On his site he offers tons of great information for couples considering marriage.   I thought i would share this one with you.  Jake, thank you for blogging.

Questions to ask yourself before getting married. 

One of the questions I get asked a lot by folks that are dating is… What questions should I ask myself when considering marriage with the person I am dating?

1) Am I more eager to meet his/her needs before getting my own needs met?

2) Will our lives make more of an impact for Christ together than they would separately?

3) Do I want to look across the Breakfast table at her for the rest of my life?

4) Do my parents think I’m in love? Can they see me with this person for the rest of my life?

5) If this person does not change after I marry him/her am I willing ot live with him/her weaknesses for the rest of my life?

6) Does this person have the character that I would like to see reproduced in my children?

7) Are both of us disciplined enough to be married?

8) How does your future spouse treat his/her parents?

9) Do I want to marry his/her family”

10) Are your lives compatible?

11) Can you commuicate honestly and openly?

12) When you disagree can you discuss things calmly and come to a mutual agreement/solution?

13) When you quarrel can you readily forgive and get on with it?

14) Do you respect this person?

15) Does this person respect me enough and honor God’s word enough to not be involved with me in any sexual way until after marriage?

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Great Compliment

Lifepoint…we got a great compliment the other day.

I was sipping some java when I overheard one of the baristas who has recently starting coming to Lifepoint talk about the church.  One of her friends asked if she was going to church and she said yes.  When she told her friend that she was coming to Lifepoint her friend said, “isn’t that the Rock N’ Roll Church?”

I don’t know if that was meant to be a compliment or not but I’m chalking it up as one.

Keep Rockin’ Lifepoint (that was cheesy I know)

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If you’re reading this…

than I want to encourage you to try out www.jeffkapusta.com.  A new blog is in the works.


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I want to be on this list

Craig Groeschel has written an awesome blog.  Read it.  Imagine what it would be like to have your name on a list like this someday.


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$5223.67 and counting

What a weekend!  I can’t tell you how awesome it felt yesterday to speak freely about the vision and mission of Lifepoint AND to take up a special offering to get a church started in Ubauna, Brazil.  I am blown away by the generosity of our church. You guys are incredible.

To listen to this weeks message, Here, There, & Everywhere pt. 2 click here.


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We get to do this…

God never ceases to amaze me. If you had told me a year ago that we would be a part of planting a church in a tiny village in Brazil I would have said you’re crazy!

But here we are!

We are committed to spreading the message of Jesus to the world. It’s our mission. Our purpose. Our Goal.

For me to ignore the mission of Jesus is for me to ignore my reason to exist.

This Sunday we are taking up a special offering that will go entirely to starting a church in the village of Ubauna, Brazil. Don’t miss out. For more info on what God is doing in Ubauna visit Gospel for Brazil.


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